President Message

S. Nirmal Singh

President CKD, Asr.

When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms,When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates, When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.

Chief Khalsa diwan Charitable Society, the famous Sikh Organization established Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School.

Tarn Taran in 1973 with an aim to impart Value Oriented Quality Education of International Standard and binding the spiritual quotient with the intellectual one.

Our School Vision
To imbibe an exemplary standard of education by promoting innovation, eternity and excellence with high standards of discipline; making the learners imaginatively superior and ethically steadfast; to meet future challenges while keeping them rooted in tradition, yet open mindedtoglobal changes.

Our School Mission
To create among the students a clarity of thought and righteousness of action, to inculcate a sense of discipline and transform into thinkers, inquirers and communicators who will make an effective contribution to the society. Human value based education helps in transforming the budding children as responsible humanistic citizens filled with values of love, peace and brotherhood so that they aspire to live in harmony,which in turn helps in making a healthy nation. Thus transforming students into responsiblementors of society.

Education Programs

This pristine institute is imparting value oriented quality education of International order and at the same time is teaching the educands to remain gelled to the Sikh value of life so as to blend the spiritual.

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